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Functions of Delphish

Outlook MS Outlook / Outlook Express / Mozilla Thunderbird

Delphish is an extension for MS Outlook / Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird and it is integrated into the program surface in the form of a tool bar.

Checking of e-mails Checking of e-mails

Checking of e-mails is effected in several stages. First of all, suspicious e-mails are compared with known phishing e-mails. In case no correspondence is detected, a risk evaluation of all the links found in the e-mails is carried out.

Status display Status display

In the Delphish tool bar you can see whether the e-mail which is currently selected has already been checked and how it was classified by Delphish in the examination.

Trash Trash

The e-mails recognized as phishing are moved to a separate folder in order to ensure that you do not accidentally follow the links contained in such an e-mail.

Settings Settings

Delphish can also be adjusted to your personal requirements. Via a configuration dialogue you can change the language, enter a proxy server or control the status display.

Statistics Statistics

Delphish keeps comprehensive statistics regarding the e-mails checked. For example, you can have your personal "top ten" list of the domains phished most frequently displayed.

Geo-location Geo-location

With regard to every link aim contained in the e-mail the geo-data is established and displayed in the form of a flag so that you know at one glance in which country the server which is behind this is located.


The WHOIS information contains information regarding owners, administrators and the date of registration of the domain. This information is presented to you in an easily comprehensible format for every link within the e-mail tested.