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Checking an email in 5 steps

Evaluating the status report

The domain, that the link points to, is the most important characteristic when analyzing a link.

  • If the link domain does not match the specified link text, it can be assumed, that the sender wanted to disguise the true link destination. In this case, the possibility of a fraud attempt can not be eliminated.
  • You should always compare the link destination with your personal expectation as well. Does it seem logical, that the sender of the email linked to a website on this domain? If not, you should be cautious.
  • Domains that only consist of numbers and dots, the so-called IP address, instead of a meaningful name, should also be seen critically.

Further information about the domain is displayed below.

  • If the popularity of the domain is very high, it means that many different sites link to this domain. The domain is probably harmless.

Information about the domain owner is shown below.

  • If you think that the name and address don't fit to the alleged link destination, because you e.g. expect the companies principal office in a different country or because the company name doesn't match, the link is potentially dangerous.
  • Always compare the domain owner and his address with your personal expectation as well.